Master's in Applied Arts and Sciences

Apply to Graduate

MAAS Degree

Congratulations! You’re near the end of your MAAS journey! You may complete the portfolio and graduate in your last semester OR you may complete your coursework then do the portfolio and graduate the following semester, as long as you are within the 5 year time line for completion.

  • Make sure you have met basic MAAS requirements:

  • MAS610

  • MAS620

  • MAS630

  • Two more classes in at least one of the above categories

  • Six electives

  • Eleven courses (33 hours) completed

  • Coursework to be completed within 5 years

Global Studies Certificate

If you are completing the Certificate in Global Studies in conjunction with the MAAS degree, you may apply to graduate from the certificate in the semester you complete those requirements. If you are graduating from MAAS and the certificate in the same semester, you apply to graduate from each program. If you are in the certificate program only, you should apply to graduate the semester of completion coursework.

  • Make sure you have met basic MAAS requirements:

  • MAS 610 The Contemporary World

  • MAS 620 The Global Economy

  • MAS 630 Global Perspectives in Biology

  • Two electives from approved global courses

    • The Islamic World: Perceptions and Realities

    • Global Arts: Windows into the ARTS of Other Cultures

    • Current Problems in the Middle East: An Historical Perspective

    • The Dragon Awakes: Charting the Course of Modern China

    • Cultural Identities: Contemporary Non-Western Literature

    • Voices from Latin America: Why Don't They Like Us?

    • Religion and Ecology

    • The Reel World: Contemporary Issues on Screen

    • Dangerous Minds: Understanding Terrorism

    • Global Human Rights

    • Emerging Powers

  • Coursework completed within 3 years