Master's in Applied Arts and Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access my online class?

A. Online classes are delivered through Canvas. Go to the UNCG homepage, then click on the Canvas icon in the upper right hand corner, or go to Log in to the class the first day of class.

Q: How can I contact my professors?

A. Go to the UNCG homepage, then click on Directory in the bottom right-hand corner.

Q: How can I find other departments’ online course offerings?

A. At UNCG Online.

Q: Are students in the program eligible for Financial Aid?

A. MAAS: Yes; Certificate: No.

Q: Are scholarships or assistantships available?

A. Not through the MAAS program, but you may apply for those listed at The Graduate School.

Q: How long does it take to complete the MAAS degree, and how long for the Certificate program?

A. The MAAS degree should be completed five years from the first course taken. This can be accomplished by taking one course each fall and spring and one summer course once. On the average, most students finish the program in two to three years because they take more than one course per semester or take more than one summer course. The Certificate program should be completed three years from the first course taken. MAAS students can earn the Certificate en route to completing their MAAS degree.

Q: How many courses make up the MAAS degree, and how many make up the Certificate program?

A. Eleven graduate courses are necessary to complete the MAAS degree and five to complete the Certificate. Five of the eleven MAAS courses MUST be in the MAAS curriculum; students can take as many additional MAAS courses as they wish or take graduate level courses in other departments. Three of the five Certificate courses are required; the remaining two are electives that must be approved by an advisor.

Q: Do I have to do a thesis?

A. No. The five required MAAS courses include a thesis option (3 seminars, 2 thesis). However, students can take two additional courses in the MAAS curriculum to complete the course work instead of doing a thesis. Example:

  • Three 610s, one 620 and one 630

  • OR one 610, three 620s and one 630

  • OR one 610, one 620, and three 630s

If a student only takes MAAS courses for the complete program, this usually falls into place. However, if you take other graduate courses, you must take care to make sure all five MAAS courses are covered.

Q: Can I take courses outside of the MAAS or Certificate curriculum?

A. Yes. Courses can be taken in any department that has graduate level selections, AND the student has met any course prerequisites (or has talked with the professor).

Q: May I transfer in courses from other schools?

A. Yes. Nine hours from any accredited college or university can be transferred. A word of caution: If a student transfers in courses already taken before acceptance into the MAAS or Certificate Programs, the five-year time line starts with the first course counted.

Q: May I take courses before being accepted into the programs?

A. Yes. A prospective student can take up to three courses before applying or being accepted into the program. Caution: The application process should be initiated before the beginning of the third course to allow time for all paperwork to be completed.

Q: Who teaches MAAS courses?

A. UNCG Faculty, many with Teaching Excellence Awards.

Q: Do I have to take some sort of entrance exam?

A. No. In lieu of an entrance exam, we request an essay. (See Admissions and Tuition.)

Q: What can I do with a Graduate Certificate in Global Studies?

A. The Certificate program prepares you for positions in government, non-profit, or corporate venues that involve global awareness and decision-making.