Master's in Applied Arts and Sciences

Visiting Students

Visiting students to UNCG apply through the Visions program.

Visiting students may take courses without admission to a particular program for various reasons, including personal enrichment, professional knowledge, or to prove eligibility. Registration as a visiting student does not guarantee admission to a degree-seeking program.

Visiting Student Checklist

If a Visions student wants to apply to The Graduate School (subject to the major department’s written recommendation and the Dean of The Graduate School’s approval), up to nine (9) semester hours of Visions credit may be accepted toward a degree and up to three (3) semester hours of Visions credit may be accepted toward a certificate. Credit earned must fall within the timeline for completing the degree.

NOTE: You are not required to submit transcripts, references, or an admission essay to be a visiting student in our program.

IMPORTANT: Your registration information and advising codes will be sent via email.

NOTE: You are allowed to take up to three classes as a visitor prior to being formally enrolled. You should begin the formal application process when you begin your third class.

Once you are admitted to MAAS as a Visions student, please continue to the New Admits page under Apply and Register.