Master's in Applied Arts and Sciences

New Admits

Academic Integrity Policy

Congratulations on receiving your letter of acceptance to MAAS. Before you continue you must certify that you have read the Graduate School Academic policies.

New Admit Checklist


IMPORTANT: You will receive a welcome email with registration information and your advising code from the MAAS Advisor.

NOTE: If you need to defer your admission, you must submit a Deferral of Admission form to The Graduate School.

Activate Your UNCG Computer Accounts

  • Follow the New Account Request link.

  • Follow the Activate Your Default Accounts link.

  • Fill in all required information and follow the instructions on the form.

  • Print the "Computer Accounts Activation Status" form and keep it in your records.

  • Go to

  • Identify yourself and reset all passwords.

  • Choose a password you can remember, using a combination of letters and numbers.

  • Your password will expire, and you will be required to update it occasionally. Establish a pattern you can remember.

  • Go to

  • Log on with your username and password.

  • Check this account regularly. All official UNCG notifications go to this email address by default.

Before taking an online course at UNCG, it is helpful for you to review a series of tutorials for Canvas.

Visit the Canvas Student Tour

Other Notes for New Students

If you live in the area and would like to obtain your university ID card, you must come to campus; the cards can’t be mailed to distance students. The SpartanCard Center is located in 121 Elliott University Center. University ID cards are not required.

Review the syllabus and order textbooks. Please be aware that professors sometimes make changes. It’s a good idea to check the bookstore site to make sure the books the professor uses are in stock. You may order from UNCG or online used booksellers, and sometimes you can use the library (but use caution because availability fluctuates).

It is your responsibility to be aware of deadlines for adding/dropping courses. If you must drop a course, check to make sure that the course is no longer listed on your transcript.

Check the refund policy for withdrawing from classes.

You will not receive grades in the mail. Grades and transcripts can be viewed at UNCGenie.

Once you have completed this checklist, continue to the Registration Checklist to sign up for courses.