Master's in Applied Arts and Sciences

Course Registration

Plan of Study

MAAS Degree

  • Required Courses:

    • MAS 610

    • MAS 620

    • MAS 630

    • Two more classes in at least one of the above categories

    • Six electives

    • Eleven courses (33 hours) completed

    • Coursework to be completed within 5 years

NOTE: Only three (3) classes taken as a visiting student can count toward the degree, i.e., a total of nine credits.

Global Studies Certificate Plan of Study

  • Required Courses:

    • MAS 610 The Contemporary World

    • MAS 620 The Global Economy

    • MAS 630 Global Perspectives in Biology

    • Two electives from approved global courses

      • The Islamic World: Perceptions and Realities

      • Global Arts: Windows into the Hearts of Other Cultures

      • Current Problems in the Middle East: An Historical Perspective

      • The Dragon Awakes: Charting the Course of Modern China

      • Cultural Identities: Contemporary Non-Western Literature

      • Voices from Latin America: Why Don't They Like Us?

      • Religion and Ecology

      • The Reel World: Contemporary Issues on Screen

      • Dangerous Minds: Understanding Terrorism

      • Global Human Rights

      • Emerging Powers

    • Coursework completed within 3 years

NOTE: Only one (1) class (a total of 3 credits) taken as a visiting student can count toward the certificate.

Select and Register for Classes

Go to the UNCGenie Class Schedule to review MAAS course offerings. This chart is helpful as it includes the CRN, class dates, locations, and the number of seats available. If the class you want is full, please contact the professor or MAAS advisor to see if it’s possible to be added to the class. Most of our online classes are offered at least once a year so if you miss out on a favorite class one semester, you’ll be able to take it later.

You will need the CRN numbers to register.

  • How to Access UNCGenie Secure Area:

    • Log on with your Student ID number and PIN.

    • Click Student Services & Financial Aid.

    • Click Registration.

    • Click Add/Drop Classes.

    • Select the desired term and click Submit.

    • Enter your advising code and press Submit.

    • Enter the 5-digit CRNs into the windows provided.

    • Press Submit Changes.

CAUTION: Many of our students don’t feel comfortable with the science requirement and often put it off until the last semester. This creates additional stress since you must have that class to graduate. It’s best to take the science class by at least halfway through the program. Our science classes are interdisciplinary, just as the other classes are.

If you are interested in taking courses outside of the MAAS department, you may view other departmental offerings at UNCGenie, Class Schedule. You will need to pay attention to the footnotes, which indicate if there are prerequisites or major restrictions.

For UNCG online course offerings, please visit For all UNC system online offerings, please visit

IMPORTANT: Bills will be sent electronically to those who register between April 4 and August 5. No bills will be sent to students who register after August 5. You must pay your tuition and fees by the deadline stated in your bill and/or in the registration calendar. Failure to pay tuition and fees by the deadline cancels your registration. Students canceled for nonpayment must reregister or seek reinstatement. Continuing students who are canceled must pay a late registration fee when they reregister.

Viewing and Paying Your Bill in UNCGenie

  • Click Student Services & Financial Aid.

  • Click Student Records.

  • Click Account Summary.

  • The resulting screen will show a summary of all accounts and balances.

  • Select from the payment options at the bottom of the screen.

IMPORTANT: Payment is due upon registration. Payment information: It is your responsibility to be aware of payment deadlines. Check those deadlines at: